Ensure your NEOCUTIS products are authentic by purchasing through authorized skincare providers. NEOCUTIS cannot confirm the safety of NEOCUTIS products purchased on sites such as Jet, Overstock, eBay, and Walmart. 

Counterfeit products could contain diluted formulations, missing key ingredients and even harmful ingredients. Risks involved with counterfeit products can include adverse reactions and interference with procedures. 


How to Identify Authentic Products

NEOCUTIS products are either sealed with cellophane or a clear wafer seal. Our products will also have a lot number on both the bottom of the box and the bottle. 

Help Fight Counterfeit Products

NEOCUTIS is committed to identifying the sellers of counterfeit products. We take numerous measures to protect our brand and consumers. If you have any information on unauthorized sellers, counterfeits or diverters, please contact us.

Authorized Online Retailers

NEOCUTIS is a physician dispensed skincare brand but we do partner with select online retailers. We recommend working with a physician to customize a skincare routine unique to your needs. When visiting your local skincare provider’s office, be sure to learn about how you can earn and redeem points for your NEOCUTIS purchases. The only way to earn and redeem points for NEOCUTIS purchases is to buy from a participating skincare provider’s office. Neo Rewards points cannot be earned or redeemed at online retailers. 

The authorized retailers list below is not exhaustive. Please contact NEOCUTIS customer service (866.636.2884) for a full list of authorized resellers.