Post-Procedure Skin Needs Special Attention

Proper after care

  • Soothes post treatment skin
  • May shorten recovery time so you can get back to your life faster
  • Provides the essential building blocks for skin health
  • Protects your investment, extends the value of your treatment, and increase your satisfaction with your treatment

plan ahead to optimize aesthetic procedures

Using our widely studied and time tested ingredients from pediatric burn research, we created a formulation specifically designed to support the building blocks of skin, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

Results of Our Post-Procedure Care1

Raves from patients

  • Helps soothe, calm, and hydrate
  • 80% experienced less post-procedure comfort
  • 90% would use it again

Improvements seen by clinicians

Improved signs of aging:

-16% – Wrinkles

-30% – Pore size

-36% – Hyperpigmentation

+16% – Skin texture

Enhancing procedure outcomes

Unretouched photos of actual study subject. Photos courtesy of Michael H. Gold, M.D., Tennessee Clinical Research. Results based on a study of study subject who used HYALIS® twice-daily for 3 months with BIO CREAM after 2 micro laser peel treatments (n = 15). Results may vary.

Discover the AFTERCARE difference

Day 1 Post-Procedure
Day 3 Post-Procedure

Unretouched photographs of subject at baseline and after Fraxel® Laser Treatment (depth 700 microns). NEOCUTIS AFTERCARE® was used as needed post-treatment. Individual results may vary.

Unique NEOCUTIS post-procedure formulations

bio cream firm small bottle front
Bio Cream Firm

The original innovation, smoothing, tightening cream

aftercare bottle front

A must-have for any procedure or treatment

lumiere firm bottle front
Lumière Firm

The multiple award-winning choice for eye treatments

hyalis+ small bottle front

Moisture enriching ingredients to support post-procedure skin

journee firm small bottle front
Journèe Firm Riche

Protect the investment with the 4-in-1 powerful day cream

neo restore packets and box
Neo Restore Masks

The first-ever NEOCUTIS post-treatment biocellulose mask

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1. Gold MH, Katz BE, Choen JL, Biron J. Human growth factor cream and hyaluronic acid serum in conjunction with micro laser peel: an efficient regimen for skin rejuvenation. J Clin Aesthet. Dermatol 2010;3(12):37-42.