NEO Rewards Support

Below, find answers to frequently asked questions. For all other questions, Contact Us.

How do I earn NEO Rewards points?

You can earn points for NEOCUTIS purchases made at participating physician offices. You can also earn additional points by taking actions specified in the iOS and Android app, such as signing up to receive NEOCUTIS emails and #NEOCUTIS on Instagram. Download the app and register to learn about all of the ways to earn points.

How do I redeem NEO Rewards points for rewards?

You can redeem points for rewards within the app or at your preferred NEOCUTIS Skincare provider. From within the app, login and select Redeem Rewards. Select the product you wish to redeem. Your product will be available for pick up at your preferred NEOCUTIS skincare provider within 7 business days. Please contact your preferred NEOCUTIS skincare provider to confirm product availability.

How do I view my NEO Rewards Activity History?

The easiest way to view your Activity History, which includes points earned and redeemed is within the app. Login and select Activity. You may also ask your preferred NEOCUTIS Skincare provider.

I #neocutis on Instagram. When will I receive points?

Points are awarded within 24 hours of posting.  Note, your Instagram profile must be public. You can only earn up to 30 points per month.

How do I transfer points from Swiss Rewards (the old NEOCUTIS loyalty program) to NEO Rewards?

Visit and enter the requested:

  1. Your email address for Swiss Rewards
  2. Your email address for NEO Rewards *This can be the same email address you used for Swiss Rewards. You MUST have alrady created a NEO Rewards account either at your NEOCUTIS Provider or through the app. To download the app, search for NEO Rewards within the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  3. The Name and Address of the NEOCUTIS provider you most frequent.

Upon completion of the form, valid Swiss Rewards points will be automatically transferred to your NEO Rewards account within 7 business days.


I entered my birthday. When will I receive birthday points?

Points will be automatically added on your birthday.